$200 Bounty for: New easy updated documentation for Load Balancing and CARP

  • I like pfsense but I need to know if this is possible before I put this in production:

    1. Two ISP(s) for fault/load-balancing)
    2. Use CARP for system failover
    3. IPSec VPN
    4. OpenVPN (tap interface instead of tun)

    What I have and would like to accomplish is a working fully failover system but It should load balance my outbound/inbound connections (inbound load balance is optional).

    I have two T1 from two separate ISPs, they both have static IPs and they are on two separate subnets, I would like to setup load balancing for outbound and inbound if possible, I would also like to use CARP with this setup just incase one of my firewall dies.

    I'm willing to pay for someone to document this, because the documentation that's out there now is very hard to understand.

    Thank You.

  • Your environment setting is exactly what I have done for my company.  I have posted the diagram on the forum.  Here is the url of the diagram if you want to look at it.


    You can follow the instructions from the online documentation to get the ideas of how to set it up.  It's not really step by step but it's the base.  If you need help with your setup, please PM me and I will try to create a howto document for you.

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