Proxmox 1.7 pfsense 2.0.1 and virtio problems

  • Hello All,

    I am desparately trying to get work the virtio drivers with my pfSense firewall in a proxmox environment.
    why i need:
    For me it is essential to use virtio since the performance is an important factor in my environment.
    what I did:
    1. I gave try to these precompiled freebsd modules:
    without any luck since pfSense based on FreeBsd 8.0.
    2. In this forum there was also a precompiled driver what I installed and it seemed it worked,
    but surprisingly only if just one interface is virtio based in pfSense. The problem if I have two virtio interfaces then no traffic
    passes through the pfSense. (if I change back to the relnet based interface in proxmox then everything works fine)

    Since I am new at FreeBSD platform can someone give a guidenance how would I have virtio drivers on pfSense 2.0.1?
    Searched back and forth but I did not find the answer.


  • Let me answer my post. I wrote an email to Jun Kuriyama who compiled the virtio kernel modules for FreeBSD 8.2 and 9.0.
    He was very kind to answer and his answer is:

    "Sorry, source fo virtio cannot be compiled with 8.1 src tree (lack of required function in kernel)."

    So this is bad news.  :-[
    from pfSense side: any plan to move to FreeBSD 8.2 ?

  • Have You tried Proxmox 1.9 beta?
    I'm also waiting for virtio drivers support.

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