Specific gateway for specific website.

  • Hello guys, i have the following situation.

    For some time now i've had a pfSense box which works wonderfully. 2 Lans and 2 Wans.
    LAN1 -> WAN1 (static ip)
    LAN2 -> WAN2 (Dynamic ip)

    I need to make it so that all requests towards a given website from LAN2 will pass through WAN1.
    I've already set up a rule on the LAN2 interface that takes all requests for that website's ip and routes them through WAN1.
    The problem is that i need to make that rule so that accepts the url. This because the website does not have reverse lookup :
    pinging the website i get the correct ip. Reaching the ip on the browser does not reach the website but some directory on the server.

    I am trying to add an alias www.example.com but no dice, even though ive seen info around that one can add straight an url as an alias.
    I never seem to be able to add it.

    Anyway i can resolve this matter?

  • Try alias type for www.example.com with host option instead of url.

    url alias is not for url filtering.

    if www.example.com/sample.php goes to www.example2.com, then you have to include the host on redirect link on the same alias

    alias should be this way

    alias name: siteredirect
    alias mode: host
    alias entry1:www.example.com
    alias entry2:www.example2.com

  • Just saw that on the forums :)
    Had just hit enter on the rule change after i created the alias.

    Thank you very much for the reply :D

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