Pass-through for some domains

  • Hello,

    Right now it´s possible to set pass-through for some IPs in the captive portal.

    Is it possible to set some domains that are fully accesible ?


  • quote form description of the IP-pass-through page:

    Use From to always allow an IP address through the captive portal (without authentication).
    Use To to allow access from all clients (even non-authenticated ones) behind the portal to this IP address.

    so you can define the IP of a Server as alway's reachable, but not the domainname.
    you could look up the IP of a domainname and put it in there.

  • some domains like google, paypal, microsoft, yahoo (well big once) have more then 1 IP so u have to add them all in. For me ist big problem espesially pay pal with pool of 20 IPs that pereodicaly changing

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