Access DSL modem on WAN from LAN?

  • I'm about to show how ignorant and uneducated I am in this realm.  Please be gentle.  ;D

    Am I able to access the GUI of my ADSL modem (in bridge mode - ActionTec PK5000) from the LAN side through pfS?  I'd like to be able to access the GUI so I can view the throughput the modem thinks I am getting.  I have experienced a 2Mbps drop in download speed since upgrading my router (pfS 2.0 to 2.0.1) from IPCop (I have a feeling I'm just taxing the HW too much with new packages but???).  But I've also had the local telco out in the complex and they have been working on the lines… so I'm not exactly sure what the issue could be but I'd like to narrow it down.

    I could connect directly to the modem and reset to non-bridge mode but that would be the long way around.  In pfS my WAN connection does read the public IP 216.X.X.X not a private address.


  • once I figured a better search for this topic I came across:

    I'll give that a shot.

  • Dang, I have no idea what my modem's LAN-side IP address is.

    Your modem's management IP must be on a different IP subnet than your internal network.

    I'm sure it's documented somewhere online.  …but I bet I changed it.

    This will get me going at least.

  • So if I try to access the modem at (guessing.  Is default but I may have changed it to a 10.X.X.X address long ago) I end up getting the webConfiguration for pfSense.  Did I mess something up in the outbound NAT rule?  pfS's LAN address space is at a 10.X.X.X address.


  • Got it all worked out. Only issue now is I get the web logon request, enter my username and password (or what I thought was my username and password), it's wrong and I can't access the page for a long time (watched a 90 minute movie and was able to get to the page again).

    If I hook directly up to the modem with a laptop I can enter wrong credentials all day long without stopping. When I enter wrong credentials one time with the LAN side of pfS I get blocked for at least 90 minutes (maybe less); the page fails to load: (60) Operation timed out from squid.  Now I need to track down where in pfS it's blocking my access on failed attempts.


  • What is really odd is that when I navigate in a browser to (DSL modem) from a PC on the LAN side, I won't get through.  If I then go into the Interfaces menu and select my ModemAccess interface and then simply click Save at the bottom of the page and then click the Apply Changes button that appears, and then quickly try to navigate to, I will get the login prompt for the DSL modem.  But as soon as the apply button stops applying/saving, then it disconnects the web session again and eventually I get the squid message about the page timing out.

    So as long as the ModemAccess interface is performing a save, for about 2 seconds, it works.  What is causing this behavior?  What log should I be looking at to find any information on what is going on?

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.


  • I've changed my Interfaces:ModemAccess static IP slash notation from /32 to /30 and all is good; consistent access.

    (an hour later) … and it stopped again.  Oh well.  I'll just plug a laptop into it.  I've used /32 /24 /30 all with inconsistent access.  /30 seemed to last the longest.

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