Virtualizing pfsense with log backup

  • Hey guys,

    sorry for my bad English, but I have e very important problem:

    My pfsense is booting from usb-stick and all things work fine. But i can't save the logs. And the logs are very important for my company. Because they need to see who is surfing with witch Voucher on witch internet site. That's very important for the law.

    The first possibility is to run a syslog server. But i wont run a second seystem day and night only for the logs. Thats too expansive.

    So here is my idea:
    I run a computer with windows XP/7 and virtualiz pfsense. On Windows i run e syslog server. Pfsense from the virtual machine should send the logs to the syslog server on windows. So i have all things in on device.
    Is that possible? Or do you have an other idea?

    Thanks a lot!

  • install esx(i) to thar hardware and install pfsense and logging systems on that.

  • Which logging system should i use?

  • You're free to choose what ever you want to use. i'm using propietary software at work and at home when ever i'm interested to collect log i use kiwi syslog daemon

  • Is there a security risk when i use a windows 7 computer with kiwi syslog and pfsense in a vm? If yes, why is that a security problem?

  • Trafic goes to physical interface, where windows sees that first after that trafic goes to vmware and last is pfsense.. not good for a firewalling

  • Is esx(i) the better (and safer) way? Is esx(i) for free (for companies)?

    Can i install it on a "normal" pc? core i3, 4gb ram

  • You can discuss with this question a lot, if virtual is safe or not.
    My point of view is that esx is safer, because you can scip Microsoft OS which is full of security holes + is slowing trafic because it has figure out where that trafic is sent.

    Try to install that, google is your best friend afterall

  • Is esx(i) the better (and safer) way?

    Not sure what you are asking.  Better/safer than what?

    Is esx(i) for free (for companies)?

    There is a "free" version of ESXi and I am not aware of any usage restrictions other than the limitations on CPU and memory.  Visit the VMware web site.

    Can i install it on a "normal" pc? core i3, 4gb ram

    ESXi is "fussy" about hardware, there's no doubt about that.  A Core i3 and 4GB of RAM are no problem but you will need to research compatibility of your motherboard and NICs with ESXi.  Have a look at

  • Sorry, I missed yor earlier post.  If you run the Windows 7 Kiwi syslog server behind pfSense (both as VMs, with the Win 7 machine in a DMZ) you should be OK from a security point of view.

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