Cloud based gui

  • Would it be possible to create a cloud webGui where one could manage lots of pfsense firewall.
    Would be nice to setup VPN's and rules, having them visualized and monitored from a unified gui.

    This would be instead of a regular firewall controller, not a replacement of the normal webGUI

  • I'm not sure if 2.1 will have something like this.

    But I'm working on something like it in a new package.

    Just in devel state for now.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We are developing pfCenter, which is a central management console to manage groups of firewalls.

    It won't be a free package, however, since it is geared towards large deployments and is a significant amount of work.

    Search around for pfCenter and you'll find some more info here on the forum and elsewhere.

  • ZENVIEWER not already working?

  • hmm.  I remember a bounty a created for this several years ago. :-)  A paid device will most likely mean full support for it.  That will be nice.

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