Site to site openvpn problem

  • ive setup my site to site open vpn….server and client are connected according to the pfsense status

    already added to firewall according to guides

    what went wrong with my setup?seems i cant see outside network...i cant ping the way im setting up site to site to interconnect lan gaming

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  • can anyone guide me pls? my site to site are connected but i cant ping them

  • Firewall, search the forums.

  • heres my rules client side….what should be the error?same with server side but server side is dualwan

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    port forward

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  • Your OpenVPN firewall rules are only allowing traffic on port 1194.  Remove that rule under OpenVPN, it's not doing anything productive (unless of course you are trying to establish a tunnel through the tunnel to somewhere inside the local network, then it would be doing something).
    Add a rule under OpenVPN with *'s across the board, this will allow all traffic through the tunnel.  Then you can tighten down from there if that is something you require.  Get it working first, then lock it down is usually my philosophy.

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