Routing explicit IP through VPN - road warrior

  • I have a network, here's the details:
    VPN network:

    Office Gateway:

    I have a customer who has a firewall rule that only allows me to RDP from the office IP. I want to make the OpenVPN route traffic to that IP address through the VPN while leaving all other public internet traffic to route through the network I am on.

    I have tried a lot of iterations but every single one I do on a traceroute it dies at

    RDP IP:

    So, I've tried:
                  push "route";
                  push "route";
                  push "route";
                  push "route vpn_gateway";

    All have the same result.

    I want it to route from LAN to WAN and push through the Office route to the internet.

    What should I enable to do this?

    This is a road warrior setup with selective routing through the VPN (it allows access to VPN clients, Office device and another remote office worth of devices. This all works right now).

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