Cannot ping road warriors

  • Hi,

    I was having an issue with my Windows 7 road warriors using OpenVPN.
    The road warriors could ping machines on the LAN side of the pfsense box fine.
    But the LAN machines could not ping the road warriors.

    The fix was to change the OpenVPN connection from a Public to a Work connection on the roadwarrior.
    But it was difficult because OpenVPN would not pass a default gateway to the road warrior in the config, making Windows 7 mad and forcing you to only use Public.

    The fix was to add the following lines at the end of my openvpn config file on the road warrior

    # Dummy default gateway to work around Windows 'unidentified network'/'unknown network'
    route-metric 512

    My question is, can I put this somewhere in the config on the pfsense box so that when I export the config this line appears and I don't have to manually modify it ervery time i export?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In the advanced options, use:

    push "[xxx]";

    Where [xxx] is the command you want to push to the client, such as:

    push "route";

    Though that may be comparable to:

    push "redirect-gateway def1";

    Which can be triggered by checking the box to force all client traffic through the tunnel.

  • Useful thread, but I need a little more help.

    What exactly is "route-metric 512" for?
    It doesn't seem needed, pushing the route alone fixes the "unidentified network".

    Win 7 firewall allows inbound echo's only on its subnet.
    i.e. if Win 7 road warrior IP is and VPN "home LAN" is
    Win 7 will block the ICMP coming from the "home LAN".

    Is there an elegant solution to this?
    Changing firewall rules on each Win7 road warrior is far from ideal.

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