Captive Portal + GFI WebMonitor

  • Hi,

    I am a total newbie to pfSense and would like to use the the Captive portal with a webmonitoring server.

    I have installed pfsense 2.0.1 on a seperate box with two network cards and installed GFI on a Windows Server 2008 on another machine.

    I've got it all working apart from one problem. The captive protal does not give out the WPAD settings (which are
    If I put it into the LAN settings on the browser manually it works. If I type into the browsers 'use auto configuration script' this also works.
    I jus cannot get pfSense to give out the WPAD automatically.

    I've installed Squid (as mentioned in but no success.

    i've uploaded the image of my network digram. Please can an expert assist?


  • You additionally have to put your wpad.dat on your Captive Portal Login Page as the first code. If someone opens a browser it asks for the wpad.dat file, witch can not be accessed because of the CP-Page. But if the wpad code is on yout CP-Login page it will be recognized as your wad.dat code.

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