Push route not supported with P2P Shared Key Mode?

  • I have created a peer-to-peer OpenVPN tunnel between a server running pfSense 2.0-RC1 (Apr 19 ,2011 build) and a client running pfSense 2.0.1-RELEASE (Dec 12, 2011 build). The server has a "push route" setting in the advanced settings, which is supposed to push a route to the client's routing table.

    When I run the tunnel in peer-to-peer "shared key" mode, the route does NOT get pushed. However, when I run the tunnel in peer-to-peer "SSL/TLS" mode, the route DOES get pushed. All other settings are the same. The only difference is shared key vs SSL/TLS.

    Is pushing routes not supported in "shared key" mode? Or is this perhaps as bug in the older version of pfSense that I am running on the server side?

  • Routes can only be pushed in SSL/TLS mode, it's just how OpenVPN works.

  • Good to know. Thanks Chris!  :)

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