Captive portal SSL - 10 minutes outage periodically

  • Good evening everybody,

    Worst problems are ones that happened "sometimes", and here's mine :

    My pfesense boxes (3) stop respond to captive portal SSL webpage, for about 10 minutes, and then start working again…

    I can be from 0 to twice a day (on each box).
    It's not link to the number of people connected, it's not link to trafic. I'm not using Carp or synchronisation.

    I'm using commercial certificat for the captive portal, but not for the admin interface.

    Nothing in the log
    SSH to the box is not responding too.

    I'm using 1.0.1 built on Sun Oct 29 01:07:16 UTC 2006

    If you have any items/ideas to start looking for, that will be great !

    Thanks by advance

  • In that case we recommend testing the latest snapshot which is several months ahead of this version. If the issue still persists with that version let us know.

  • Right,

    I should have think about it on my own  ::)

    Will do it soon, and keep you inform about the results.

    Thanks for your quick response

  • 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-03-27-2007  seems to have solved my ssl failure. For the last 2 days, everything was fine.

    I keep crossing my fingers,

    Thansk for your help,

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