Firewall Rules

  • I have spent all day Saturday unsuccessfully trying to configure a PFSense system.  Obviously, I must be doing something wrong.

    I need to set up a system that will support 2 seperate LANs that share the same WAN connection.  It is important for that the LANs not be able to talk to each other.  Basically one is secure and the other is the guest, unsecure.

    I tried playing with the firewall rules, but each time I was able to reach the secure LAN from the guest LAN.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Can you post a screenshot of your lan and opt rules?

  • Actually to make it easier…

    Have you made up a block rule between the guest lan and the primary lan and put it first in the list?

    attached is an example from one of my offices...  First rule and last rule are the important ones for you to see...

  • I have my guest open to !LAN Subnet. I just like that I had to only create one pass rule to rule them all. It still blocks access to LAN, but I don't have to create any other rules or worry about order. On locations with multiple LAN, I have an alias or two that is used on the pass rule.

  • Thanks for advice.  I won't have an opportunity to try implementing PF Sense again for a week.  I will follow up if I get stuck again.

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