Firewall schedule triggering an hour early

  • I've set up several firewall schedules to only have certain ports open while i'm at work, but for some reason they activate an hours before they should.  For whatever reason my schedule that should run from 9 to 5 ends up being 8 to 4.  I've made and deleted schedules multiple times, triple checked my time zone, made sure that the time is correct, etc, but they always trigger an hour early.  Has anyone else seen this?

  • I would login to the console and run date at the shell to check the time. I don't know if the GUI "translates" into the browser time zone or not. My schedule trigger on time though. Are you using a NTP to update the time?

  • checked date from the terminal, and it's correct.  time zone also correct.  i sync with

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Have you changed the time zone since your last reboot?

    When a zone is changed, the change isn't picked up until a process is restarted. So the safest way to make sure everything is in the correct zone is to restart the firewall after changing the zone.