• hi there,am new to wireless networking so plz bear with me.. Am running pfsense on a pc with two NIC.. WAN and LAN and the lan is connected to a switch which carries all my APs..the main issues is that am having a tp-link tl-mr3420 with openwrt installed on it,i managed to WDS to one of the APs and repeated the signal with another AP but i noticed that after the first login from the repeated AP the link is now available to all..

  • A little bit more information will help.

    What services are you running on pfsense? Captive portal?

    How these aps are routing clients to pfsense? Direct or natting?

    Who is the dhcp? Just pfsense or all aps?

  • am running on Captive portal services..
    the routing is Direct..
    pfsense is just the dhcp..

  • Check with tcpdump how clients on the same access point reaches firewall.