[Howto] PfSense 2 as Proxy using 1 interface

  • Hi all

    Scenario: Installation of proxy server behind a hw firewall ( given by ISP)
    Goal: Configure PfSense 2.0.1 to use just 1 ethernet card, WAN in this guide.

    Requirements: PC with at least 1 ethernet card, Pfsense 2.0.1

    I will not cover  the system installation, if you need it please refer to pfsense wiki.
    Let's start:

    1. Assign interfaces: if you have more then one interface, you have to assign just the WAN and skip the other(s) ( very important !!)
    2. Set inteface IP: you have to set a static ip address according to your lan configuration.
    3. Using your web browser, type the ip address given before  and access webconfigurator ( user: admin - password: pfsense ), if the wizard starts skip it by clicking on pfsense logo ( upper left corner ).
    4. System -> General setup and adjust the settings to fit your lan configuration ( hostname , dns ,time zone ….) save and apply the changes.

    1. Intefaces -> WAN configure the gateway and uncheck "Block private networks" ( if checked ) and Block bogon Networks ( checked ! ), save and apply the changes.

    1. Check internet connection, at this point your pfsense-box should connect to internet.
    2. System -> Packages click on Available Packages and select squid. Accept the installation and wait till the installation is completed.

    8 ) Services -> Proxy server configure your proxy interface ( WAN ) and your proxy port ( default 3128, 8080 in this guide ), save and apply the changes.

    1. Firewall -> Rules add a new rule , set Protocol ( TCP or TCP/UDP ),  Source, Destination ( your proxy ip) and  Destination port ( 8080 in this guide ). Save and apply the changes.

    1. …...That's all... Your simple proxy should work.