Working Wireless Cards for ALIX

  • I have scanned the forums and googled to no end for a good list of test & working wireless cards for ALIX based PFSense.

    I have been trying to setup a Router/AP and tried two cards with my alix2d13 running 2.0.1

    EMP-8602 Plus - Crashed PFSense often & not all computers could connect to the wireless.
    Winstron CM9 - Crashes less then the other card, but the wireless works better.

    If I'm missing something to make on of these cards work please post to this thread, otherwise I would suggest trying other cards. I realize that there is a compatibility list for FreeBSD but I'm looking for a list of cards people are using with 2.0 or 2.0.1 that don't crash pfsense on ALIX based systems.

    Please add cards you have tested that do or don't work.

  • Why do you think these cards crash pfSense on Alix systems? Do you have crash reports?

    In what mode is the wireless link configured?

  • I setup two Alix boards with the same version of PFSense at the same time, one has a wireless card the other does not.

    The one with the wireless cards crashes, the one without does not. I have the one with wireless configured as an AP with WPA2 Pre-shared key.

    I had a 8602 first and it sucked, very few computers could stay connected for long and it would stay usable for 1-2 hours max. (may not have crashed/froze but was unusable)

    Replaced 8602 with CM9, is usable longer with less wireless problems. I have set the RRD data to save to disk every 15 minutes and there are holes in the logs from crashes or reboots (they need the wireless back up so they unplug/plug in the alix)

    I have never seen a crash report, I should see that in the web interface?

  • I've seen ALIX crashing with Wistron CM9 cards in the past. Switching out this specific CM9 with just another CM9 solved this completely.
    So maybe you only have a bad card. Or the mini-PCI slot in your ALIX is broken. I had that as well.

    Maybe cross-change the ALIX boards and if you still see the one with the CM9 card installed rebooting then use a new CM9 card.

  • Compex WLM54SAG23 (AR5414) works great since more than a year ago. No crashes. Haven't used cloned interfaces (yet) though.