Where is config CP? how to manual add interface to CP?

  • where is config CP?

    how to manual add interface to CP (without gui, from cosole\script)?

  • i have several VLAN ifaces, created after start pfsense.
    this ifaces not listen in gui.
    i need add this vlan to CP

  • I have used captive portal only on non VLAN interfaces.

    I checked on another pfSense system which has VLANs in use and both the VLAN interfaces appear in the list of interfaces on which captive portal can be enabled. I wonder what is different about your system.

    How did you create the VLAN interfaces? Through the pfSense web GUI? Through shell commands?

  • my vlans created in console

  • "vlans created in console" could mean you created them by shell commands. Create them in the GUI so pfSense knows about them. Then you should be able to run Captive Portal on them.

    Maybe you did create them in pfSense startup but didn't assign them a pfSense interface name. You could fix that by clicking "+" on the Interfaces -> (assign) page which should assign them an OPTx name and you should then be able to enable captive portal on them.

  • pfsense show this vlan on assign in netwroks port.
    I need add them to the portal without assign in gui.
    i have more than 300vlans, if assign - pfsense is slow working…

  • For now there is no other way supported.
    There were some fixes related to this in latest 2.0 branch of pfSense.