Paradox: Enable HTTPS Captive portal login, but block access to Web ADMIN GUI

  • I have made a great deal of headway on this new installation of pfSense, but now have a rather frustrating paradox in front of me.

    I have captive portal operating with HTTPS authentication, but if I block access to the firewall at the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, so that noone can get to the firewall ADMIN Web page, then I also cannot use HTTPS portal login pages!

    It seems to have something to do with the resolution of the hostname when i set up the override in the DNS forwarder.

    ACK!  ???

    Thoughts on how I can use HTTPS portal Auth and still block access to the web GUI on that same interface?

  • They use different ports, you can control that with firewall rules. Only permit the minimum required traffic to the interface IP (TCP/UDP 53 for DNS, TCP 8001 for CP), and block everything else to the interface IP>

  • You know, just after I posted this I noticed the 8001 port, but went to sleep due to the hour

    I will try this immediately!  Thanks!

  • when I permitted the traffic as you suggested, I lost the ability to do anything but DNS lookups.


  • you have to allow Internet traffic below blocking everything to the interface IP.