Setup Advice needed, 2 seperate Networks, One VPN connection needed.

  • 2 pfsense boxes 192.168.1.* / 192.168.2.*

    I can successfully create 2 connections and connect to search but not simultaneously.

    One must disconnect first then connect to the other.

    Problem is my PBX box (phone system) is on 192.168.1.** and the users need data come 192.168.2.** while connecting to the PBX box.  How can I have a VPN user connect to 192.168.2.** access their files while also be able to connect to 192.168.1.** phone system to make and receive calls.

    What settings would permit this?

    Thank You,

  • You need an additional route pushed to the client on your server. If the main route is, then add custom option:

    push "route"

    save, disconnect and reconnect the client.

  • Thanks for the advice,

    I have on the 192.168.1.* network I added

    push "route"

    and on the 192.168.2.* network I added

    push "route"

    at the bottom under

    "Advanced configuration"

    I logged out then logged back on, I still can't ping the 192.168.2.* network when I VPN into the 192.168.1.* network and visa versa.

    My tunnel network is set to "" does this make a difference?

    Thanks for the help.

  • my 192.168.1.* is connect to 192.168.2.* via ipsec

    I need my openvpn user to connect to either 192.168.1.* or 192.168.2.* but have access to both networks with one vpn connection.

    What am i doing wrong?