Firewall rules for SMTP, POP to use Thunderbird

  • Hello

    I use pfSense 2.0.1 + Squid + SquidGuard, everything works fine but the emails with thunderbird

    I have rules to permit access to ports 25 and 110 to use POP3 and SMTP, I tried with Outlook Express and I can send and receive emails, but when I want to use Thunderbird I can not send nor receive mails, I configured thunderbird to use the proxy with its port, the same as firefox, with firefox I have no problems.

    I use a non transparent proxy authenticated by users to navigate through internet.
    So what am I doing wrong? or, what am I not doing to have thunderbird working?

    I use thunderbird 10.0.2 on windows XP sp3 32bit

  • As you have the default allow all rule active, any other rules aren't relevant - particularly as the rules after that default rule will never be processed.

    Your problem is simply - the proxy is for HTTP (and HTTPS), not for POP3, SMTP or other protocols. Configure Thunderbird to use the actual SMTP and POP3 servers.