Thankyou pfSense and the forum community

  • I am the entire IT department for an office of about 25 people and about 5 remote users, supporting 100+ franchise stores. We have a pretty standard sbs network but have 3 internet connections. 1 is kept separate for the masses of vpn traffic between the stores and the related point of sale server. The other 2 connections for the rest but only 1 has been used due to the limited nature of SBS.
    I have been testing a multiWAN pfSense install and having an extensive routing experience of SoHo devices only have had a pretty steep learning curve. I have got to say I would not have made it without the abundance of knowledge here on the forum combined with the pfSense install guide. I had to cut testing short last night and go live with it because our main ISP has ballsed up our connection and wont get a tech out to the exchange for a few days. All I had set up on the box at that point was the 2 PPPoE gateways and the failover gateways. All the advanced NAT'ing threw me (doesnt help having an office full of people unable to do their jobs breathing down my neck) but about an hour after switching over all users are connected to the backup WAN with the super low bandwidth on our broken ISP being just enough for emails to seep through.
    Job done without having to ask any questions because they have all been answered already.

    So a big thankyou to the pfSense community. ;D ;D ;D ;D

    …. now to build another one and complete my testing with all the other awesome features im yet to use.  Hopefully I'll be able to get it completely tested before the crummy old box the current ForcedToGoLive box is on dies of old age.

  • Glad to hear it.