Compex WLM54SAG23 (AR5414): Clone and parallel use of a g dual band?

  • Hi,

    I've been using the above miniPCI card in an Alix board for over a year now - entirely trouble free. Now I plan to set up a second SSID (Guest WiFi) that can only access WAN. I have seen that I can clone the WLAN interface in pfSense 2.01 but my handbook (ok, on 1.2.3) is silent and before I break something I was wondering whether someone could answer (some of) the following:

    • When I clone to get a second 2.4GHz net: Should watch out to use a different channel to avoid interference with my main WLAN or the same because we only talk about a different SSID and logical separation? Hence question: Is the cloned interface actually a physical channel or just an SSID?

    • Somewhat related: I seem to be able to clone the interface and assign the clone to a 5GHz network frequency - I have not set that up yet cause I was afraid to break something. But could a AR5414 chipset do dualband simultaneoulsy? Somehow I thought I would need two cards to do dualband… but would be great if not!

    I'm pretty much aware of the rest, captive portal, dhcp etc. - enough info on the forum and in the manual. But haven't seen any info on the above, not even in data sheets of the card.

    Thanks much!

    Edit: Cloning as such works, have tested by cloning to 2.4GHz and could see a new WLAN on my laptop.

  • It is not possible to use 2 different channels on the same card at once.  Only one channel is allowed and this is reflected in the changes you make in the web gui (if you change the setting and check the page for the other assigned wireless interface on the same card, you will see that it changed, too).  There is a reason there is a shared settings area stating that "Settings apply to all wireless networks on (device name here)."

  • @Efonne:

    "Settings apply to all wireless networks on (device name here)."

    was a bit tired methinks…