Ping other end of vpn tunnel

  • Hi Guys

    I'm connecting ok to my openvpn server, I was just wondering if I was meant to be able to ping the other end of the vpn connection.

    If I get IP on PC the other end is When I try and ping that I get no response, but I can ping LAN network on the PFsense router.

    Should I be able to ping that IP and if so what do I need to do to allow it.


  • Are you using TUN or TAP?

  • I'm using TUN, should I be using TAP?

  • @Wasca:

    I'm using TUN, should I be using TAP?

    tun is fine.  Typically though, when I do tunnels, I have the tunnel network on a different subnet that the network that the clients will be trying to reach.

    ex.  For my home, I have /24.  For my buds to VPN to me and grab stuff from my server, they are on /28.

    The issue might be that the tunnel network is using the same subnet as the network you're trying to access.