OpenVPN "remote access" vs "peer to peer"

  • Guys, in pfSense v2.0.1, in OpenVPN: Server there's a setting called Server Mode. Basically there are two main options, "peer to peer" and "remote access", each has various encryption options. SSL/TLS is present in both cases.

    I wonder, what's the real difference between "Peer to peer (SSL/TLS)" and "Remote access (SSL/TLS)" options?
    I created a server with the built-in wizard choosing "Remote access (SSL/TLS)", but afterwards changing the server setting to "Peer to peer (SSL/TLS)" still works.

    I don't find any notation in OpenVPN's original docs about differentiating between "peer to peer" and "remote access" modes. What actual OpenVPN params affect this?

  • You should use p2p when it's two pfSense boxes connecting to each other.  Remote access otherwise.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It just tailors the GUI a little differently, the backend is similar. The Peer to Peer settings are geared for connecting routers together, where the remote access types are meant for "road warrior" type clients.

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