Simple Issues

  • Okay, so I've had issues in the past, but were understandable because I was doing fairly complicated things.

    Now I'm having simple issues.

    I have a LAN network, a Slingbox network, and a Server network.

    First issue, none of the devices on the LAN can ping any of the other LAN devices.

    Second issue, my pc which is on the LAN can ping the web server on the server network just fine, but when I try to ping the slingbox on the slingbox network, no success.  Using the web configurator ping I can ping the slingbox when I select the slingbox network, but when I select LAN then it fails.

    Someone please help. As weary as I am about putting up screenshots, I'm finally doing it because I'm about to have no hair on my head.

    Thanks in advance!

  • First thing .. remove any scheduled rules until it is all working, then you can have fun with it. Next, since we don't know the aliases, I am going to guess. On the slingbox network rules you are blocking the slingbox network inbound first. This means that anything on the slingbox network is going to be blocked. perhaps you need a rule that passes anything but LAN so set to pass and choose destination as !LAN. remember, rules other than floating are first match with a block all as the final rule.

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