Web Access from WAN to LAN

  • I recently upgraded to 2.01 and every thing is great except I can no longer get to my wifi access point from the WAN side. I have NAT disabled (manual with no mappings) and allowing ANY/ANY in both directions. I want to route only and have a firewall upstream. I can reach devices on the LAN side and establish RDP sessions, but I can no longer establish a session to my access point on 80 except from the LAN itself. Added an additional AP and have the same issue. I see the traffic allowed through on the system logs and just see the connection closed on the AP device log. So I'm reaching it but the session is never established. I've tried port forwards and 1:1 nats but no luck. I must be missing something. Any suggestions?  Thanks

  • More FYI -BOGON and block private are disabled on both int (both are private)

    Disabled DNS Rebinding Checks,  HTTP_REFERER enforcement check, all packet filtering, PF scrubbing option , Disables the automatic creation of additional NAT redirect rules,  Disables the automatic creation of additional NAT 1:1 mappings,  Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload, Disable hardware large receive offload…

    Here are some screen shots:

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