Cant get web access from WAN to work - help!

  • Read a couple of posts here which said to add a WAN rule.

    So added a WAN rule with :
    Source: My office external IP
    Destination (the external WAN ip of the WAN port)
    port: 8443 (the port the web gui is on.

    Saved etc.

    Did not work.

    As we normally hit the web GUI through a local ip (e.g., via a VPN, I added a NAT rule to map external wan port on 8443  to the on 8443
    Saved etc.

    This did not work either.

    Any ideas?

  • Ok, found the problem. Firefox was defaulting to http.  added https://externalwaipip:8443 and it works!

    Didnt need the NAT rule in the end.

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