Connecting Pfsense to Internet using Wireless Card

  • It is possible to connect Pfsense to the internet using wireless card ? I can see that I can configure pfsense as the access point but can't see where to configure the wireless card that is attached to it to connect it to the internet.

    I tried cloning the wireless card but it gives an error that the card doesn't support  it. I was just thinking maybe somewhere I can just put the details where the wireless card should connect together with it's WPA key.

    Card: dwa-510


  • @bombt:

    It is possible to connect Pfsense to the internet using wireless card ?

    Lets clarify what you are wanting to do:
    1. Connect pfSense to the data service of the mobile phone network and hence the Internet; or
    2. Connect pfSense over WiFi to a WiFi router that is itself connected to the Internet.

  • I like to connect pfsense to a 3G/HSDSPA modem/router using a wireless card  since i don't have a wired connection on the internet. I like the PCs to connect to Pfsense to have access on the internet.

     [3G Modem]  (((   [Pfsense]-----[LAN]

  • I had it running by assigning the card under wireless (Interfaces, Wireless) the Infastructure BSS.

    Problem now is it can't connect if I use WPA/WPA2 but it can connect if the router is open (no security).


  • The DWA-510 appears to be a PCI card using the Ralink RT-2561 chipset so it should be controlled by the FreeBSD ral driver.

    What version of pfSense are you using?

    What exactly do you mean by "can't connect"? Can't connect to the Internet but have IP address from DHCP? Don't get IP address from DHCP? Don't get ping response from modem?  . . . etc

    What variant of WPA Pairwise were you trying - TKIP or AES? (One of my WiFi clients didn't associate if I selected TKIP on the AP but did if I selected AES).

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