VPN client, pleeeese help

  • Dearl all.

    I am quite an amateur in pfsense, I have used pfsense due to modem fail - NAT overflow.
    While I was runnig router inbuilt in modem, my colege in my network was able to connect using some VPN clien to
    company. It is some pogram for watching production parameters.

    Since I have installed pfsense, he cannot connect to company using VPN client.
    I have never deal with VPN question, so I really do not know what to do to make it functional.
    When I was using modem router it was working fine.

    Can anybody help me to solve this issue the easies possible way.
    It is quite urgent as it is his job responsbility and we share connectivity as it it expensive in our country.

    Thanks all for any help, I really appreciate.

  • What kind of VPN does your colleague use? PPTP,IPSEC, OpenVPN? Also what Client application and OS is he using? What device is he tunneling into?

  • Dear hoba:

    I am still avaiting info from company network administrator, it can take some time as it is quite huge
    company. We know how it goes in such kinds of companies.

    The only information a have obtained is that I cannot use following subnets in my network (LAN):
    192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x, I have tried 192.168.3.x and result was the same.

    Admin wrote to me:
    I suppose that securemote clien connects correctly, but the problem is with connecting
    into a remote desktop. You cannot use 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x subnets, or use
    terminal server on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx adress. Due to security reason I do not mention real adress.

    Thanks for support ones again.

  • try using a 10.x.x.x adres for youre lan

  • So, finally I have learnt what is a setting.
    Current situation is like this:

    1. VPN client do not connects with message like this "cannot reach gateway"
    2. Later it should connect to remote desktop: of course does not work correctly if VPN not established - connected.

    I have bypassed pfsense and plug directly into a modem-router, disabled firewall and it works.
    So there must be some trouble with pfsense.

    It works on 192.168.4.x - LAN, I used the same IP mask with pfsense and do not work.
    I suppose 10.0.0.x will not help.
    Any other ideas.

    Thanks much for any help.

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