Can I setup and Firewall Rule and NAT Rule for this.

  • My pfSense server is setup with 2 web servers protected by it. For the sake of example let me say that the lan addresses of the servers are as follows


    The wan address for the pfsense server could be

    I would like to be able to access either server using different url/ports but I'm confused about the syntax of the url and what it would actually mean to pfsense.

    For web1 I would try and access from the internet using the url
    and for web2 I would use the url

    Now both are using https which is port 443 - but then we have the suffix 10001 and 10002 which I'm not sure helps me or not ?

    Can I distinguish between these two incoming connections and forward/nat them to the different servers web1 and web2

    I have experimented with no joy - can someone let me know if this is possible or would I have to start reading up on proxy servers.



  • You can do this with port forwarding (firewall-> nat)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    sure just forward 10001 to web1 ip on port 443

    then forward 10002 to web2 ip port 443

    This is done under your nat rules, and then just let it create the firewall rules for you.

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