Block LAn 1 to Lan 2

  • Hi everyone, im having a problem trying to route a host on LAN1 to LAN2 via PFsense as a gateway for that host..both LANs are attached to my pfsense, like this:

    LAN2: 192.168.2.x
    host on LAN1–-->PFsense----->host on Lan2

    I already add a rule on LAN2 interface that let pass all trafic from LAN1_subnet, but in logs I see a blocking,  with TCP:SA.

    Any help with this issue?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Post a Screenshot of your LAN 1 & LAN2 rules.

  • LAN: alias Proxies

    Host on LAN use PFsense as a GW
    Host on LAN_7 use another Router as a GW

    OBS: if I start the conecction, like ssh from Host on LAN to host on LAN_7, there is no problem, but, if I start from host on LAN_7 to host on LAN, PFsense block on interface LAN_7, even if I adde a rule with Easy rule on System logs


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