• Hey all, I am wondering if it is possible to have my CP login screen URL as my FQDN and not IP of my pfSense box?

    I am currently building my website on another server so my website will be located in the same pleace as my pfsense box.  I would love to know if when the captive portal login page is displayed to users, that instead of the or whatever it is, that they will just see: https://www.mysite.com:8000 or simething similar?

  • Sure, set the required fqdn in "HTTPS server name" field and create a corresponding entry in DNS forwarder.

  • Thanks for the reply.. another thing in the meantime.. my Website is currently hosted else where.. am i able to have the CP login page on my site (www.mysite.com/login.html) for example ?  Can the CP settings on pfSense redirect user to login page that is on my site?

    I want to build and host my own webserver shortly.. but if i can get this working noe it would be great.. so i can use google analyitics on it.

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