Bug? User aliases defined as aliases and tables

  • It looks like user aliases are defined twice within rules.debug.  First, as aliases at the beginning of the file:

    User Aliases

    Apple = "{ }"
    BcastAndMcast = "{ }"

    Then later as tables

    User-defined aliases follow

    table <bcastandmcast>{ }
    table <apple>{ }

    Within rules, the tables are used rather than the aliases:

    block in quick on $wan from <bcastandmcast>to any  label "USER_RULE: Block suspicious bcasts and mcasts"

    Is this a bug that these User defined values are defined twice, in two different ways?  Or am I missing something?</bcastandmcast></apple></bcastandmcast>

  • Not a bug really.  Just cosmetic.  Patches accepted to fix.

  • I don't think this is a bug. It was required for some special kind of aliases/special condition (not sure anymore) but the table-definition has been added to handle this (I think it was related to portsaliases).

  • In addition we load the ruleset with pfctl -o which optimizes the ruleset and removes duplicates.

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