Willing to pay for pfsense basic configuration setup

  • Hello,

    client of ours sent us his pfsense box (based on firebox). As far we can see, everything works superb, pfsense box is accesible via internet - but server behind is not.

    While on server - we can see the internet, but internet cant see the server :)

    Seem's like simple issue, but we we cant get it to work. So we willing to pay for someone to look in to this as well few other things related to this.

    Please send me offer via PM. We can pay via paypal or credit card (we dont mind to pay upfront some).

    Also, would be plus if you can be online on skype, gtalk (whatever) - so can talk with one of our tech guys in real time etc.

    Please contact for any questions of offers.

    Thank you


  • Netgate Administrator

    Which firebox model is it? They all have quirks.

    From your brief description it sounds like you are just trying to setup port forwarding but that is really pretty easy, it almost seems like in insult taking your money!  ;)
    What sort of server is it? What services are you providing and where to?
    Could you describe the network topology? How many interfaces are you using etc.

    You might be better off buying the pfSense book and asking a few questions on the forum.  :)


  • Hello Steve,

    yes, that sounds about right. You ar also correct regarding book and stuff, but we just need to get this done today, ergo no issue in to paying to get it done.

    Let me know if you open to take a look at!

    Thank you


  • do you have your problem sorted, please post if someone sorted it for you

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