PFsense 2.0.1 HyperV 2008R2 fdisk issue

  • Hello all.

    When trying to install PFsense 2.0.1 on hyper-V I'm getting an error when trying to install to the virtual harddrive.
    (The vhd is 50gb fixed size)

    Execution of the command
    /sbin/fdisk -v -f /tmp/new.fdisk ad0
    FAILED with a return code of 1.

    View Log shows:
    fdisk: WARNING line 1: number of cylinders (25700) may be out-of-range (must be within 1-1024 for normal BIOS operation, unless the entire disk is dedicated to freeBSD)
    fdisk: ERROR on lin e1: number of sectors must be within (1-63)

    Anyone have a solution to this?

  • Found the issue and the resolution.

    With Microsoft's VHDs if you create a drive with a size over about 31gb it sets the geometry to 255 sectors per track, fdisk does not like this at all!

    Making a drive below 30gb will set the disk geometry to a happy 63 sectors per track which fdisk is fine with.

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