VLANs: Adding and Removing VLANs causes the LAN interfaces to hang in process

  • Hello, I've been meaning to post about this for some time now. I'm running pfsense 2.0.1 and using a server intel nic with two interfaces. I've noticed and users have complained that when I add or delete a VLAN from the physical LAN interface, all of the interfaces based off the physical LAN interface hang and stop processing packets until the VLAN has completed adding or removing. This delay can be about 10 seconds or so which doesn't seem like much, however in a busy network causes people including myself to panic. I would think adding and removing VLANS would be dynamic but it appears to not be the case. Is anyone else experiencing the issue? This is a pretty large problem for us since we now have to postpone ALL VLAN adds/removes to after hours and we are an international shop.

    Any advice?

  • Not a single person has experienced this? Don't be shy :)

  • just a fact of life, a lot of things have to be reconfigured when you do that to avoid problems. Haven't seen it take 10 seconds, generally a couple at most, but in some circumstances it could take more. It could be lessened or nearly eliminated with a ton of work taking care to avoid regressions, not a priority in the immediate future.

  • So basically everyone is experiencing this same issue where when adding or removing VLANs the entire network "pauses" until the action completes?

  • I don't know if this is an issue from development site of view but if you panic from 10secs network outage I would be interested in your remaining HA-network and -server infrastructure…  ???

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    It used to be much worse, requiring a reboot or taking a few minutes to apply. A few seconds is nothing.

    Also adding/removing VLANs isn't something that happens very frequently in most networks.

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