CP login page re-appears, instead of forwarding to IE home page

  • Hello,

    We implemented pfsense as follows:

    WLAN AP –- pfsense --- Firewall ---- <productivelan>---- IAS Server (RADIUS)

    When connecting from WLAN, I'm getting to the CP login page correctly - IAS policies are matched correctly: incorrect user credentials / users not matching a policy are being rejected!

    Users who match the IAS policies however see the 'Redirecting to <browser homepage="">...' page for one second, the Logout pop-up box appears, but instead of redirecting in the back, the browser falls back to the CP login page.

    In the pfsense CP Auth log, it just shows me successful logins from the user, plus the logout events when clicking the logout pop-up box. On the filter log of the attached firewall, I see the RADIUS request pass on to the IAS server, then subsequent DNS requests to resolve the browser homepage URL.

    Question(s): Shouldn't there be an answer packet coming back from RADIUS, to grant the access?? Can't I turn up the logging level on pfsense, to retrieve more information? What else might I be missing here?

    Any helpful ideas are greatly welcome!</browser></productivelan>

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