Colors for input fields

  • You should set the colors for all your input fileds on this forum.  I use a black color scheme, meaning that the input fields are all black.  The set text color of the fields are also black meaning that I can't see what I'm typing.  Either release the text colors to allow default system colors to take over, or set the input backgrounds to white so the black text shows.  This will help clarity on any/all system color schemes.

  • Can you provide some info or screenshots of where you see this ?

  • Attached is a screenshot… feel free to ask for more info if you need it ;D

  • I have no idea why it looks like that for you.
    It looks fine for me in both IE and Opera. And other admins use FF. So I guess more should see this if it's a forum issue.

  • Here's another example…

  • Here's my display properties.  I'm sure it's a forum issue, as I don't have problems with inputs on many sites, like google etc.  I have to assume that this is due to the HTML of the site not setting both input field colors and text colors, thereby letting my system colors override one or the other.  Currently I have to reset my system colors to the default in order to be able to see the text either on buttons or in typable fields.

  • The forum has no settings for fields in the css yet so it uses the colors of your desktopsettings. I guess you have a black desktop design with black fields?

  • yes, that's right.  My system text setting is for white, though, so I don't know why that doesn't translate to the fourm.  Would it be too much to ask for this to be included in the css for compatibility's sake?

  • We'll try to get these settings in. Actually we are not satisfied with the css-options the theme offers atm. This also is the problem with the red on red linktext or with the gray textcolor because it has to be readable on dark and light background. We're working on it is all I can say for now but we'll try to include the textfieldstyles as well.

  • Thank you so much, and thanks for the forum!

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