• I have a verizon network extender that I can't get to work behind the lastest pfsense firewall

    I talked to verizon and they said I had to open some ports so I went to firewall and NAT and added rules for

    53, 52428, 400, 4500

    I made sure that the firewall rules were created as well but it still isn't working if I look at the system log I don't see anything thats being blocked really but I'm not sure and if I plug it in directly to the internet of course it works and help would be great please

  • First time you turn the Verizon box on it will take upwards an hour to sync…    Make sure you have good GPS signal where you have it or it will just sit there and look dumb.

  • Thanks, i have waited in fact i didnt move it when i connected it to the internet directly and it started to work then but then when i connected to my network with pfsense i when it doesnt work.

    So i know that the gps and the device itself are good