Can I safely edit the web interface to allow randomly selected times?

  • Dear PFSense community,

    I need to create a firewall rule that is disabled for only two minutes a day.
    The dialog (see attached screenshot) only allows me to select 15 minute increments.
    I understand I could change the webGUI php file and add all possible times. If I were to do this, would it work, or is there an underlying system (i.e. pf) that wouldn't be able to cope with that?

    I assume the 15 minute increment is only a limitation of the WebGUI, is this correct?

    Essentially I am trying to make a rule running from 02:49 - 02:52 every night.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I was also wondering whether the selection of a certain month on the date control has any effect? I would like this rule to be scheduled daily, regardless of month. So does it make a difference if I select May or March or anything else as long as I select all days?