• Hi to everyone….
    I've done an entire virtual infrastructure, for testing VMware View service over a satellite internet connection.
    I have a phisical machine wich runs CentOS 6.2 which has two network adapters (eth0 is on the hom LAN, and eth1 has a pubblic IP addres), on wich I have installed Vmware Workstation 8, on the workstation there is an host ESXI.
    Over the host ESXi there are a lot of VM that I needed for the infrastructure of Vmware View.
    Everyone of this VM has an IP like 192.168.x.x, and for completing this Home LAN infrastructure, I would like to create a firewall and a router (pfsense) so I can access this infrastructure from the Web, using lastone pubblic IP address i have.
    I hope i've explained well the infrastructure, but i come to the question...
    How to set uo the Nic for the Pfsense? How many virtual Nic i have to give to it's VM? Which one I've to NAT and which one i have to bridge, and on which connection or network?
    I was forgetting....the networking of the WOrkstation is obviusly bridged over the eth0 (over the home LAN)....
    Thanks to every one who will answer me... ;)  ;)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "on wich I have installed Vmware Workstation 8, on the workstation there is an host ESXI."

    So you have esxi running as vm on workstation??

    And then vms on the esxi ?

    So a vm, inside a vm, inside a VM – so your inspiration for this setup was the movie inception? ;) Dream inside a dream inside a dream!

    Why don't you just run esxi native on the host, and then create whatever vms you need?

    There is a pretty good write up on setting up pfsense on vm on esxi here

    I have this running on my home network now on a N40L box, just added a nic and its rocking right now.  Even got the vmxnet3 working with the native tools from vmware.

  • Hi Jhonpoz,
    thank you for your reply, I've done a work like this, because i'm doing a work for a degree, so the university assigned me a PC with CentOS like OS…So I had to install workstation and work like virtual on virtual for biuld up an infrastructure for testing VM ware view...But now i've almost finished, i will talk about my work on 23th April, so i can't destroy anything and use  ESXi directly on the hardware now, I've almost finished, the only thing left me to do is to set up the firewall for my infrastructure, because I will connect to this LAN with a satellite web connection...
    Maybe now u can understend my work.... ;) ;)