• First of all Thanks for the great package. I am very impressed, but have a small problem that I cannot resolve. I have PFSense 2.0.1 with four interfaces, WAN LAN OPT1 OPT2. OPT1 provides interface for three Wireless Access Points with static ip's. I can ping and manage with a web browser all three WAP's from the OPT1 interface. From the LAN interface one of these WAP's is unreachable (ping fails) and of course can not be managed from the LAN. The other two are reachable from the LAN (successfully pings) and can be managed through a web browser. All three WAP's are similar models and configured identically with the exception of the static ip's. One could therefore conclude that PFSense firewall is blocking the WAP in question. After quiet a bit of investigation I fail to find any valid reason this WAP is unreachable. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Greg.

  • Greg,

    you say that all WAP's are configured identically, but what you describe leads me to think that the non-reachable WAP does not have a correct default gateway configuration. Can you verify that the non-reachable WAP has its default gateway set to the OPT1 interface address?

    • Andreas

  • Yes, it did have the correct default gateway configuration, just as the other two. Interestingly enough although it performed normally and was accessible from within the same sub-net, I replaced the unit and the problem appears to be resolved. Logically it made no sense, but it would appear that the hardware did have a problem.