Not understanding pfsense firewall

  • Hi all,
    I'm new to pfsense as i'm taking over an installation a former it guy did.  I'm trying to open a port so that users can go to a internet site via port 445.  I've tried what has worked on other firewalls like smoothwall but to no avail.

    If I'm in the wrong place, please redirect me.


  • Firewall rules work from top to bottom.
    If one rule matches, no other rule will be used.

    If you want that a host/subnet on LAN interface wants to connect to the internet with port 445 and TCP than create a rule on LAN interface on top of all other rules like that:

    action: allow
    interface: LAN
    protocol: TCP
    source IP: any or LAN Subnet or host IP
    source port: any
    destination IP: any or the subnet or IP of the webserver
    destination port: 445

    That's all.

  • There's a good chance you're not going to be able to get port 445 over the Internet, a lot of ISPs will block 135-139 and 445 because they're frequently used Windows worm ports, and their most commonly used purpose (Windows SMB and related) isn't something you should do over the Internet. Your default config most likely allows 445 already on LAN rules.

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