Migrate pfsense from proxmox to vmware

  • Hi!

    Sorry for my many last day posts, but I am working on my problem solutions..

    Right now I have working pfsense on proxmox virtualization platform. Everything works grate, except pfsense shows collisions on my three of four nics. Maybe it has faulty nic, because I hade Elastix virtual machine for VOIP and I had problems with that also (caller hears called, but called doesn't hear caller…).

    So have idea to move pfsense on vmware.
    I set up clean pfsense virtual machine with 4 virtual nics with vSwitch.
    I did pfsense XML backup from proxmox and then restored to vmware pfsense machine.
    Everything was ok and now there is no collisions, but now pfsense blocks traffic from outside. I have many NATs and so on. For example with VPN I can access from outside, but everything else is blocked :(

    Can someone help me with advice?

    Is it just some cache from my ISP?

    p.s. Offcorse I shutted down proxmox pfsense virtual machine, so it didn't conflict with new one...

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

  • once you switch hardware, whether it's virtual to virtual, physical to physical, physical to virtual, etc. anything that changes the MAC, you must have your upstream ARP cache cleared. Where that resides depends, many times it's a router or modem on your side that you just have to reboot. At times it's a router on the ISP's side where you must contact them to have it cleared.

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