Pfsense wan dhcp client ?

  • hello,

    i faced twice an issue with pfsense's wan being dhcp client, that it gets a gateway, but it can not get an ip address ??
    i think this issue occurs because the gateway is received before an ip address is given, and then pfsense can not add the default gateway in its routing table, therefore the dhcp requests can not be routed.
    i looked at system log back then and i saw clearly these errors :

    1. dhcpreq no route to host
    2. ip route can not be added
      i do not remember the exact wordings, and since then i had to restart the box and find a workaround so i think the message log got cleared ?
      i have turned the modem in front of pfsense as router as well, and as well with dhcp client for its lan (pfsense's wan) and that then worked flawlessly
      the only difference i can think of, is that the ip addressing design is different in the way that the dhcp server is in the same network segment and no routing is involved

    ps : pfsense version 2.0, i386, running on dl proliant

  • Sounds like what happens if you're assigned a default gateway that isn't within the WAN IP subnet you're assigned. That's a broken configuration on the DHCP server.

  • i wouldn't say it's broken, as it works for every other device than pfsense …
    directly a laptop instead of pfsense and it works fine
    and it happened with two boxes already, from two different ISPs

    edit : another side note I just recalled
    when this thing happened, when i looked at interfaces status, the wan interface shows a gateway but no ip or subnet
    the release button is present but no action occurs when pressing it

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