Logging connections to external SQL database or files

  • Hello,

    I would log every estabilished and closed connection with following data:

    • date/time estabilished
    • date/time closed
    • IP LAN -> Internet
    • Internet -> IP LAN
    • MAC address of LAN device should be also included
    • avoid repeating messages

    Right now (not on pfSense but on Linux box) I'm doing just tcpdump with following script:

    #Check if directory exists, if not create
    if test -d /home/logi/
            then echo "Directory already exists!"
            else  mkdir /home/logi
    #Moving files
    mv /home/logi/tcp-syn.dmp /home/logi/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.dmp
    #This is dump into RAW data
    #tcpdump -i eth2 tcp [13] == 2 -w /home/logi/tcp-syn.dmp & tar cvfz /home/logi/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.tar.gz /h
    #This is dump into TXT data
    tcpdump -i eth2 tcp [13] == 2 -n >> /home/logi/tcp-syn.dmp & tar cvfz /home/logi/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.tar.gz
    rm /home/logi/tcp-restart-`date +%d-%B-%Y--%H-%M`.dmp

    This creates daily logs in separate files, for example:


    Eth2 is my LAN interface.
    And they are really small files (but don't know does it log every single estabilished connection).

    Now I have to ask how to log connections in pfSense? Let's assume I would like to collect all logs from many pfSense boxes in one place :)

  • Use syslog to forward pfsense logs to this Linux box and use the same script on log received.

    Or use a syslog server That do this sql/frontend for you.

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