Using Cp through cpe's and routers

  • I have an existing network PF box several AP's . Most of the clients except for 2 or 3 connect through a client radio witch has it's own router on or they have a home router for they own separate lan.
    I read up some on CP and freeradius and the ability it has too limit the amount of usage in KB per day or month.

    Is it possible to run this on my existing setup? Some client radios have 3 or more devices , including xbox's and phones. 
    Can it be setup too run the usage limit with auto authorization ? Authing the clients radio only with it's IP or their home router?

    sorry for the newb questions

  • Or by mac ??

  • WISPs commonly use CP like that. The only device it sees is whatever is doing their NAT.

  • Is there a guide for this type of setup . I've found a few and seem to always get a login to CP page . Thanks

  • I've been messing with this with two laptops wired too the lan /switch in line.
    The only way things sort of work is with these settings

    FreeRADIUS Plain-MAC-Auth as 802.1X request with Captive Portal

    FreeRADIUS configuration
            Disable Plain-MAC-Auth on FreeRADIUS => Settings
            Enter the MAC address of the host in the following format (11-22-a3-bb-44-af) in FreeRADIUS => Users
            Enter the password for this MAC address. We will choose blaaa in this how-to. Read the following steps fo fully understanding!

    Captive Portal configuration
            Enable RADIUS MAC authentication
            Enter the same shared secret here you choose above in FreeRADIUS => Users. This field must not be empty! This is not the shared secret which is used for communication between NAS(CP) and the FreeRADIUS server. I used blaaa as I wrote above.
            MAC address format. In general you can leave this on default or any other option because FreeRADIUS is converting the MAC address (Calling-Station-ID) into the correct format. To be 100% correct choose here ietf

    The one problem I seem to have noticed Is the speed limits .  Have to set this in CP , And in radius I set a different speed for each laptop.
    Both run at the same speed The default CP setting.  If I set this to 0 I get nothing. If I uncheck the box in CP I get nothing. As in no connection through the WAN.

    Another question
    With this setup on the LAN say I have an OPT1 interface with a static route too another lan . Does CP limit the connection speed through this connection as well?

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