Outbound pptp vpn - bid for $

  • i need a package for pfsense 2.0.1 which enables me to create outbound pptp or in other words pptp client connections to some pptp server to create vpn and then be able to add rules to route all or destination ip based traffic through the vpn

  • already exists:

    not yet merged, has some issues to be addressed.

  • great, anyway to test and report bugs etc and help in development coz the reason y i need this is because the isp in my country block VoIP so till date i was using windows pptp vpn connection to some foreign pptp server to route calls in and out from my ATA but i couldnt leave my PC on at all times so was looking for a pfsense package as my alix box keeps running on 24/7 from many years now so that would simplify things for me

  • any eta on when this would be available in a stable state?

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    As soon as more people test it and report on how well it works. Also might have to wait for 2.2 since we're trying to keep further 2.1 changes to IPv6-only at this point.

  • so i guess it might take a few months

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    Yes, especially if nobody actually tries it on their own and reports feedback.

  • mayb a guide or a development package would be helpful for me to be able to install and test

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    You'd have to request that from the person who submitted the code, I'm not sure I saw a thread on the forum for it, so you might want to comment on that pull request and ask. Though I see now it doesn't merge cleanly anymore, so they will need to update their code. You could also gitsync to their branch (Get the git URL from https://github.com/audiossis/pfsense), though it's ~18 days behind master.

  • Hi all,

    After being contacted by a member here for a copy of my code, I have decided to revisit this issue. I haven't had much time to dedicate to it lately and had put the project on hiatis as a result. I still need to figure out the proper procedure for committing code to the the project, each of the three attempts I've made so far have been rejected for one reason or another.

    But I'm still working on it.

    If it would help anyone, I'd be willing to bundle the code I've modified so far into a patch that can be applied to a running 2.0.1 installation? I've recently added the same functionality to L2TP connections as well (since it is all basically the same code) having found a need to create a site-to-site L2TP/IPSEC tunnel. This is as yet untested, but I hope to get that done in the next few days.

    Watch this space…..

  • good to hear that, waiting for it eagerly

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    I am currently running 2.1, but would love to test this - I have a vpn provider that I am looking to use, but can not seem to get the openvpn to work on pfsense and route traffic.

    I would think pptp would be a simple solution if this code was available.  A patch for 2.1 would be very easy to test, and I could give you results very quickly if worked or not, etc.

  • Sorry it's been taking so long. my family and I have been quite ill the last few weeks and also work has been very busy.

    I've successfully tested the pptp and l2tp client connections between two pfSense boxes and also between on pfSense box and a gentoo linux server. There is just a couple of small bugs I need to sort out with the client configuration web page (that I introduced) and I'll be able to post a patch for you.

    Please stay tuned, I'm going as quickly as possible.

  • OK. Here it is. Sorry it took me so long.

    First a brief overview:

    1> This PPTP/L2TP client patch is for 2.0.1 ONLY!!!! if you choose to apply it to any other version you are likely to break your firewall.

    2> I don't know what the effects of running updates on a patched firewall appliance will be. I would suggest DON'T DO IT! At the very least you are likely to have to re-install the patch.

    3> pfSense uses the BSD mpd daemon to manage PPP connections (as both server and client). This patch simply exposes a great many more mpd configuration options and generates the required config file.

    4> There WILL be bugs. I have not and cannot test all possible combinations. I have however successfully established both PPTP and L2TP connections, between my pfSense appliance at work and my Gentoo Linux server at home and also between two pfSense appliances set up on a test bench.


    First ensure you have ssh access to your firewall appliance. Remember your password.

    Second, download the patched file from here:

    Unzip the package.

    Open a terminal and navigate to the newly created directory.

    On my Mac and my Gentoo boxes, I use the following command to copy the files to the active firewall appliance:

    scp -r ./* root@<ip address="">:/

    Windows users can try WinSCP to do this, but I can't help you with that. I presume the command will be very similar…..

    Please test and post your results here. I can't promise speedy support, but I'll help where I can. In the meantime I'll continue trying to figure out the correct way to commit these changes to the main trunk.</ip>

  • mayb cmb or jimp can have a look at the code and try to merge it in

  • I'm easy. If they feel so inclined then I would greatly appreciate the help. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to these sorts of projects. It's more of a "need to have" sort of thing…. ;)

  • bytheway, adding outbound pptp, would it also create an interface so we selectively route out it using firewall rules etc, similar to how we do for openvpn client?

  • Hi xbipin,

    Well, yes. The mpd daemon creates a virtual device to act as the tunnel endpoint, just the same as pppd+xl2tpd/pptpd do under Linux. so you could certainly use pf to create routes/rules for the vpn tunnel. However, mpd also gives you the option to configure a route to the remote network when the tunnel is established, so, if you're like me and you own the networks at each end of the tunnel, it simplifies things a little. But you don't have to use that option if you don't want to.

  • Hi xbipin,

    I'm interested to know, did the patch work for you?

  • i havent tried it as yet, will do so soon

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